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Chickpea Salad Recipe

Chickpea Salad Recipe

I found this chickpea salad recipe by Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows & had to share it with you! Super yummy, Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free & low glycemic. 


The mashed chickpeas create a texture very similar to flaked chicken and the sauce gets a boost from a creamy eggless mayonnaise. I’ve also added a hefty amount of crunchy vegetables like celery, green onion, pickles, and bell peppers to give it a great crunch and loads of fiber. Serve this salad in pieces of Boston or Bibb lettuce, in a wrap or sandwich, or on crackers. If you… Continue reading

Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas


Who isn’t looking for healthy snack ideas?! What do I eat?? What are some quick snack ideas? I need snacks on the go! What should I eat for snacks to lose weight? Does this sound like you??

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you would like to receive our 20 Snacks On The Go Handout. 🙂  The best part…these snacks are Gluten-free, Low Glycemic with many Plant Based & Vegan options.  

Why are healthy snacks so important? A healthy low-glycemic… Continue reading

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism




Feel like your metabolism is stuck…in…slow mo? Yes you really can boost your metabolism, regardless of your age. Getting your metabolism back in shape will help your body burn more calories naturally throughout the day.

I have so many people asking me what to do to boost their metabolism…so get ready…

Follow these tips & it will make it easier for you to lose weight & keep it off — with less effort.

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Don’t get carried away with cutting calories. Cutting too many calories will shut your… Continue reading

[Webinar] Jumpstart Your Wellness & Weight Loss

Free Webinar – Jumpstart Your Wellness & Weight Loss


Join us for an awesome “How-To” webinar this Tuesday July 21st.

We’ll be sharing the benefits of low glycemic eating, what happens in our bodies when we eat high glycemic foods that spike our blood sugar (hint: weight gain, lackluster energy, cravings for carbs and sugar).


We’ll show you…

✔ The trick to shedding pounds and keeping it off (including the belly bloat) ✔ Why diets don’t work and how to ditch dieting for good. ✔ How to kick carb & sugar cravings to the curb ✔ How to… Continue reading

Cabbage Salad Recipe – Quick & Easy Prep

Cabbage Salad Recipe


I get asked all the time for quick, easy, healthy recipes. I love making a big salad to have ready in the fridge to eat during the week. My hubby made this cabbage salad recipe, he calls it Cabbage Crunch, and it’s pretty darn yummy. I have to admit, the first time he made it I was watching him like a hawk and questioning his every move…however he handled it graciously. I added the carrots for a bit of color. 🙂

Cabbage is great for B vitamins like folate, vitamin B1 (thiamin), B5 (pyridoxine), and… Continue reading

Nutrimeal Free on Dr Oz Show

Nutrimeal Free on the Dr. Oz Show tomorrow


Life is busy, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Having a quick, healthy meal option that actually tastes good is super important…especially at breakfast time!

My absolute favorite shake we drink every morning is on the Dr. Oz Show tomorrow, Tuesday July 7th. Tune in to see what he says about its pure and simple Plant-based protein.

Dr. Oz will also share his tips for preparing a healthy and FAST meal and you’ll find out what he puts in his Nutrimeal Free shake.

Nutrimeal™ Free

Nutrimeal Free is a plant-based,… Continue reading

Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe

Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe



If you are looking for a yummy, healthy salad you are in the right place! This Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe is easy to prepare, great to have for the week, for a party, tastes great and looks pretty too. When I make this salad it sure doesn’t last for long.

For my health nuts, this salad is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, low glycemic, tastes great and is good for you. Who could ask for more?!


Prep Time: 25 min – if quinoa is already prepared 10 min

 Ingredients… Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Diets Fail

3 Reasons Why Diets Fail


Confusion. Frustration. Disappointment. Sound familiar? These emotions are felt by millions of us each year who go on a diet then off a diet and on a diet and off a diet. The diet roller coaster aggghhhh!!!! Time and again, we give up when we don’t achieve the promised results. Or we lose a few pounds, just to gain it all back and then some, a short while later. I have been there too so I know exactly how you feel. If you want to know the 3 reasons why diets fail and the… Continue reading

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Cauliflower Rice Recipe


Where has cauliflower rice been all my life?! It is awesome and your mouth will totally feel like you are eating rice. You can eat it plain, raw or cooked, great filler to add to salads or soups and you can dress it up. Here is a super easy cauliflower rice pilaf that I know you will love…and your hubby and kids won’t even realize they are eating veggies!

Prep & cooking time: Less than 10 minutes!



  • 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup diced red onion
  • 1/2 cup… Continue reading

7 Tips for Achieving Your Wellness and Weight Loss Goals


Do you ever struggle with achieving your wellness and weight loss goals? Does it seems like certain obstacles get in your way? You are not alone! We all struggle from time to time.  These 7 specific obstacles and solutions for achieving your wellness and weight loss goals will come in super handy.

Being prepared and having a plan is so important in helping us achieve our goals. When we aren’t prepared, life seems to derail our efforts. Well guess what? We have control of our actions. You will feel empowered when you have a plan for what to… Continue reading

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