Profits are Better than Wages


Profits are better than wages because profits lead to fortune. Jim Rohn shared an interesting perspective that he learned early in his financial career. You can earn wages at your full time job to pay the mortgage, utilities, car payments, food and on and on. It is almost depressing how many bills that we have to pay each month. A part time business nets you a profit which can lead to your fortune. Why is that? A part time income can change your lifestyle. A thousand dollars a month extra will significantly change most American families’ lifestyle. It’s not so much the money but what it affords you. What you do with that money is what affects your lifestyle. Most of us manage to get by on our job. Our income from that job provides for a certain lifestyle. The part time income creates the fortune. We can do or buy things that our job won’t allow. The lifestyle changes. 

The funny thing is that if we were to increase the income from our job the same amount, the increase will be eaten up by our existing bills. We’ve all experienced that. The old saying, “The more you make the more you spend” seems often as not to be too true.

So let’s make a profit! USANA provides an excellent vehicle to start working on your fortune. 10 to 15 hours a week is all that it will take to significantly change your lifestyle. This is provided of course that you want to make the change, that you are willing to learn a few skills and philosophies, and have the determination to persevere. Decide to make a fortune! Start a business with USANA that you can work part time. Challenge yourself to earn a part time income equal to the income from your job. Lora did it and so did Jim Rohn.

Contact Lora for more info on how to get started on your fortune. Imagine getting up in the morning to go work on your FORTUNE!

To your Success,

John Ulrich

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