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4 Natural Antibiotics

Here at The New You Lifestyle we’re all about finding the best and healthiest tips to share with you for your New Healthy and Happy lifestyle! We have a line of products that we recommend for Weight Management, Nutritional Supplements, Detoxing your body, Low-Glycemic Nutrition and so much more! We’re also passionate about eating fresh, natural, healthy foods to keep you strong and healthy. Today we want to share a few natural ways you can protect your body from illness and bacteria. We should mention this isn’t a replacement for your Dr. prescribed medications but rather a preventive… Continue reading

Start the New Year out Right!

2013 is your year. Make the most out of your New Year’s resolution to lose weight by joining us for an opportunity like no other! Destination Transformation is a 12-week weight-loss competition designed to reward you for your efforts to get healthy and motivate you to stay on track. So, are you in? Register by January 7th by emailing me at Lora@TheNewYouLifestyle.com. Join me and… Lose weight, feel great and Find The New You.

Win big with more than $200,000 in prizes

  • 30 grand prize winners
  • Weekly winners
  • Compete on your own or with a partner
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Merry Christmas!

We hope this beautiful Holiday Season finds you happily surrounded by friends, family, love and good times! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing beautiful moments with us and allowing us into your world. We look forward to a prosperous and blessed and AWESOME New Year 2013!

Here’s to wishing you a HEALTHY, Happy and very Merry Christmas! Love, Peace and Joy from our family to yours today and for many years to come!

Lora Ulrich, Lifestyle Coach Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant The New You Lifestyle   239-898-4078 www.TheNewYouLifestyle.com

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Healthy Holiday Tips Part 2


Healthy is easier than you think and we’re all about helping you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. Here at The New You Lifestyle,  we’re all about motivating and inspiring you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. We like sharing tips, information, news, ideas, recipes and just inspirational stuff to give you that little extra push you need to get your Healthy on! Today we bring you part 2 of Healthy Holiday Tips. If you missed part 1, don’t worry – just click here and enjoy! We want to invite you to give yourself the gift… Continue reading

Healthy Holiday Tips part 1



The New You Lifestyle is all about inspiring you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  We’ve come to understand that healthy and happy come hand in hand – you can’t really be too happy if you’re not healthy. Our physical wellness truly does affect our mental and emotional well-being. So everything we do and share is about getting you into healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This holiday season we want you to remember to focus on the positive and just let go of those negative things and people around you that you… Continue reading

My Walk Towards Healthy

An Ordinary Woman’s Journey to Living Healthier Just One Day at a Time! Guest Blog by Monica Garcia Saenz

I’m an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, if that’s even possible to imagine because what is ordinary now a days? I wish I had some amazing story to tell with incredible weight loss results to WOW you into next week but I don’t. Truth is I’m a single mom, self employed, I work a lot of hours and I don’t exercise like I should. I hit 40 and something crazy happened in my body. I felt tired all… Continue reading

Dr. Oz and USANA

USANA Health Sciences recently joined forces with HealthCorps, the nonprofit organization co-founded by heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife, Lisa, to combat one of the most serious health issues facing the United States today: childhood obesity.

The nutritional company committed to further HealthCorps’ goals of educating children about nutrition and fitness. “One of the reasons we chose to donate to HealthCorps is because we share such similar values,” said USANA CEO Dave Wentz. “Our common mission is to create a healthier world for future generations, while helping people make better decisions today.… Continue reading

Sanoviv and Dr. Wentz

I recently blogged about my wonderful visit Sanoviv this past February 2012. I hadn’t been there since 2006 so I was so excited to get to visit again. Sanoviv Medical Institute, a licensed hospital, combines cutting-edge diagnostics, nutrition, detoxification & medical treatments. Sanoviv, derived from the Spanish words “healthy living”, provides your mind, body and spirit with a toxic-free environment to restore your health.

My trip was a combination of business & personal medical program with my husband. The first five days was a health education retreat where I learned more about digestion and detoxification. Today… Continue reading

Basically – You create healthy!

So our favorite topic of the month has been HEALTHY LIVING! In the past three blogs we have been discussing healthy eating, maintaining our energy levels and losing weight the right way!  The New You Lifestyle is all about helping you get on a successful path to a healthier life and we want to not only help you understand it but walk the walk too!

So what does all this mean?

To have an enriching & healthy life, fitness is a must. Good eating is part of that fitness springboard that makes bigger things possible. If you’re… Continue reading

Are you skipping meals?

Our favorite topic of the month is healthy eating, maintaining energy levels and what steps we can take to live a healthy lifestyle – that’s what The New You Lifestyle is all about… If you missed our last two blog post please feel free to check them out now. Now we continue on to a very common way people often use to lose weight…

Are you trying to lose those extra ten pounds and skipping meals to do so? 

This is another common mistake a lot of people make because there is this mistaken belief that… Continue reading

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