Basically – You create healthy!

So our favorite topic of the month has been HEALTHY LIVING! In the past three blogs we have been discussing healthy eating, maintaining our energy levels and losing weight the right way!  The New You Lifestyle is all about helping you get on a successful path to a healthier life and we want to not only help you understand it but walk the walk too!

So what does all this mean?

To have an enriching & healthy life, fitness is a must. Good eating is part of that fitness springboard that makes bigger things possible. If you’re starving your body, depriving it of what it needs, you’re handicapping yourself in the race for your dreams. And if you’re filling it with garbage, don’t expect much in return. This all may seem obvious, but too many people sabotage themselves by ignoring that simple fact. Truth is, food-good food in the right combinations at the right time – is the thing that makes everything else possible. Improving your health, increasing your energy, reaching your ideal weight or maintaining a healthy weight are all directly impacted by your nutrition.

The New You Lifestyle provides tailored nutrition, fitness and motivational classes, seminars & workshops for individuals, groups and businesses, which empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We provide a very personalized service – we listen, to your needs, wants and desires. Your goal becomes our focus and we work together to achieve short-term results AND long-term results.

Call to find out what nutrition & wellness coaching and The New You Lifestyle can do for your body! (239) 898-4078.


Lora Ulrich, Lifestyle Coach
Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
The New You Lifestyle 

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